Kevin McCarthy implores bipartisan Democrats to engage in second COVID-19 relief package


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is calling on 23 House Democrats to help the GOP “free up” nearly $140 billion in unspent Paycheck Protection Program funds that he said can save small businesses struggling financially during the coronavirus.

McCarthy called lockdowns being imposed by states across the country amid a COVID-19 case surge “fatal” for businesses and said it is time to get relief to those suffering the consequences of government-mandated restrictions on certain types of “non-essential” commerce.

“I just sent this letter to the 23 House Democrats who told Pelosi in September that they would move forward with COVID-19 relief with or without her,” McCarthy tweeted on Friday. “Now it's time for them to live up to their word.”

McCarthy, who has sparred with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi throughout a contentious final year in the Trump White House, said, “Economic conditions for small businesses were dire back in September,” adding that the situation has only worsened in the following months, creating a “fatal” situation for many businesses.

“Speaker Pelosi's approach that ‘nothing' is better than ‘something' is wrong, and the American people have paid the price,” McCarthy continued. “We must get relief that is ready to go to those who need it most. Our neighbors are counting on you to keep your word and sign the discharge petition.”

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