Dem Rep Implies You Don’t Have the Right to Breathe if He Is Close to You


The left has been barely trying to hide its authoritarian tendencies for decades, but now one Democrat has all but admitted some folks shouldn’t have the right to breathe without his say-so.

The coronavirus pandemic has given every wannabe despot an excuse to finally take the plunge into full government tyranny (ostensibly to protect the ignorant peasants from their own bad decisions, of course).

It started in March 2020 with the mask mandates and lockdowns that ruined lives and livelihoods while the chosen few were inexplicably exempt from those same restrictions.

But now that so many are shilling for the vaccines and hinting at another round of mask mandates, any pretense of moderation or even sanity has fallen away — at least that’s one explanation for why Rep. Ted Lieu didn’t think twice about his recommendation for those who dare to emerge from their homes sans mask.

The California Democrat retweeted an expert opinion on the efficacy of face masks Friday as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reinstated masking recommendations while several localities have followed suit.


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Armed with that information and renewed zeal for face coverings, Lieu proposed his own bright idea to stop the spread.

“You have NO RIGHT to spread your respiratory droplets on me, on others, in public spaces and in businesses,” Lieu scolded anti-mask strawmen.

“The majority of reasonable Americans are going to fight the tyranny of the minority who insist they can leave their saliva anywhere,” he continued. “And we will win.”

The problem with Lieu’s war against saliva is that droplets that can carry diseases are “produced by breathing, talking, sneezing, coughing,” according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information study titled “Natural Ventilation for Infection Control in Health-Care Settings.”

In other words, he is insinuating that people don’t have a right to engage in those activities — including a basic function of life — without first complying with whatever mandate du jour the tyrants have come up with.

These lawmakers are all power-drunk and seem to think their reign won’t come to an end as long as people are afraid of COVID-19 and whatever variants come our way next.

Lieu is the same person who gleefully trolled former President Donald Trump because he appeared to still be having some difficulty breathing following his COVID-19 infection last year.


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“If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a video?” he captioned footage of Trump outside the White House in October 2020.

“This 8 second video destroys all attempts by @realDonaldTrump to downplay the virus because it shows him gasping for air,” he claimed.

“Many Americans are now visually seeing how the virus causes breathing difficulties & lung damage,” he said.

Lieu not only wants to tell people under what circumstances they’re allowed to breathe, but he’s also not above using human suffering for his own political ends — does that sound like someone who should have the power to control the lives of Americans?

Of course not, but none of this will stop until Americans are once again willing to do their own risk assessments and stop ceding control of their lives to these inept, opportunistic lawmakers.

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