Fiery Ad from GOP Challenger Spells Trouble for the Self-Righteous Socialist


A Republican candidate fighting to unseat Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez this year has issued a bold indictment of the congresswoman from New York.

“I was born & raised in the Bronx. I’m running for Congress to stop AOC & her Socialist allies from destroying America. Let’s protect the American Dream,” Republican Tina Forte tweeted on Monday.

A video accompanying the tweet calls Ocasio-Cortez a “socialist superstar” and noted she “repeatedly attacks Israel and the Jewish people.”

The ad further notes that Ocasio-Cortez supports defunding the police in the face of rising crime numbers, and it calls out the progressive for supporting mask mandates while cavorting maskless in Florida.

“She will stop AOC and her ego-driven socialist agenda destroying New York and America,” the ad says of Forte.


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Forte’s website says her target is not just Ocasio-Cortez, but the coterie of far-left Democrats Forte says are ruining the nation.

“Radical socialist politicians routinely degrade America and the dream it represents. They’ve vilified and defunded our law enforcement, creating a crime surge, while cowering behind their own private security,” Forte says, according to her website.

Can Tina Forte defeat AOC in the next election?

“They’ve destroyed businesses, driven away jobs, and offered little compensation to those affected, while enjoying their own large government salaries. They have robbed children of more than a year of education, denied school choice to those of us who want to give our kids the best education – all while sending their own children to private schools.”

The website says Forte “stood shoulder to shoulder with small business and restaurant owners who were struggling. She joined parents in pushing for schools to reopen for our kids. She backed the blue, and was a vocal opponent to defunding our police.”

The site says Forte “has always backed the blue. From beat cops to detectives to school security, Tina has been unapologetically supportive of law enforcement. Tina condemns politicians like AOC and Bill De Blasio who have abused their pulpit to attack officers who have dedicated their lives to protect us – all while using tax dollars to pay for their own armed security.”


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“AOC and her socialist allies have pushed for defunding our police and the disastrous “bail reform” policies which have caused crime to skyrocket in New York. Tina Forte will fight back, for us. She will fully fund our law enforcement and push to end dangerous bail reform policies,” her site says.

The extent to which Forte is fighting back has made her the subject of a probe from Snopes.

Snopes said that Forte supported the Washington, D.C., rally that took place on Jan. 6, used hashtags linked to QAnon conspiracy theories, and that Forte took part in the protests around the Capitol that day.

In its reporting on Forte, Snopes noted that she entered a restricted area on the Capitol grounds but never entered the Capitol building itself.

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