Baptist seminary presidents reject Critical Race Theory


The presidents of the six seminaries of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) have called Critical Race Theory “incompatible” with the faith’s values.

In a statement published Monday, the Council of Seminary Presidents of the SBC reassured followers that their professors reject racism but could not condone what some consider a radical school of thought on race and culture.

“In light of current conversations in the Southern Baptist Convention, we stand together on historic Southern Baptist condemnations of racism in any form,” the statement reads. “[A]nd we also declare that affirmation of Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, and any version of Critical Theory is incompatible with the Baptist Faith & Message.”

The statement did not elaborate on why the seminary leaders found the theory untenable with the theology of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. The Baptist Faith & Message is a statement of faith, last revised in 2000.

At the SBC’s annual meeting in 2019, a resolution passed that did not embrace critical race theory but recognized certain tenets as “analytical tools subordinate to Scripture.”

Critical race theory posits that systemic racism exists throughout America as a consequence of white supremacy and societal structures.

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