Bookmaker eyes Biden’s bite at first formal presser


President Biden’s choppers are getting a little added attention ahead of his first formal press conference, thanks to a political oddsmaker handing gamblers the chance to plunk down money on whether the commander in chief’s “dentures pop out at any point.”

MyBookie also is taking wagers on whether Mr. Biden calls Vice President Kamala Harris “President Harris,” whether the president says “malarkey,” and whether he will be asked about child migrants.

As for Mr. Biden’s pearly whites, MyBookie is placing the odds of them popping out at +170 and hanging tight at -250.

Mr. Biden’s teeth received some attention during a 2019 Democratic presidential debate when the former vice president appeared to struggle to keep them in his mouth.

MyBookie odds:

Will Joe Biden’s dentures pope out at any point?

Yes + 170

No – 250

Will White House press secretary Jen Psaki answer any question for Joe Biden?

Yes – 170

No  +130

Will Joe Biden call Kamala “President Harris”

Yes – 140

No + 100

Will any member of the press ask Joe Biden about child migrants?

Yes – 200

No +140

Will Joe Biden respond to any questions about child migrants?

Yes +140

No – 200

What color tie will Joe Biden wear to the press conference?

Blue – 140

Red  + 200

Gray +300

Black + 500

Purple + 700

Will Joe Biden say “Marlarky”?

Yes + 155

No – 220

Will Joe Biden’s press conference start on time at 1:15p EST?

Yes +110

No – 150

How long will Joe Biden’s press conference last?

Over 15.5 minutes – 400

Under 15.5 minutes +250

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