Donald Trump claims proof of fraud still forthcoming following meeting with Michigan legislators


President Trump insisted Saturday he will show evidence of voter fraud affecting the recent White House race after Republican state legislators from Michigan he met with yesterday said they saw none.

Mr. Trump responded on Twitter to a joint statement issued Friday night following his meeting with Michigan state Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and Michigan state House Speaker Lee Chatfield.

The state legislators said in the statement they “have not yet been made aware of any information that would change the outcome of the election in Michigan,” where Mr. Trump alleges fraud occurred.

Reacting to that statement on social media, Mr. Trump implied the legislators accurately summarized their White House meeting, but he added supposed evidence supporting his claims was still to come.

“This is true, but much different than reported by the media,” Mr. Trump replied to a Twitter post from Mr. Shirkey containing the joint statement. “We will show massive and unprecedented fraud!”

“Massive voter fraud will be shown!” Mr. Trump said in response to Mr. Chatfield’s tweet containing the statement.

Preliminary results of the presidential election show Mr. Trump lost to Democratic challenger Joseph R. Biden, as virtually all major polls had predicted in the weeks and months before voting ended.

Mr. Trump asserts he won the race, however, citing unproven claims of voter fraud and discredited conspiracy theories, and is challenging his apparent defeat in court.

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