Georgia county official denies Trump team snagged Dominion voting machine from his office


A Georgia county election official said claims on social media that President Trump’s team has gotten hold of a Dominion voting machine are completely false.

Politico’s Marc Caputo reported over Twitter that Carlos Nelson, a Ware County election supervisor, pushed back on an assertion from Chuck Callesto, a self-described political strategist who has been boosting unverified claims of election fraud on social media, that the Trump team was in possession of a voting machine from Ware County.

Nelson also said there was a “human-error tabulation issue” during the hand recount and that the tallies match the machine recount. “I can tell you this is —I don’t want to cuss — this is a darned lie. Our vote machines are secure. There’s no vote-flips,” Nelson said.

Caputo further reported that Nelson said, at the end of the process, “Biden's vote count dropped by 42 in Ware (4,211 to 4,169); Trump rose by 37 (9,865 to 9,903).”

He also reported that Nelson was “exasperated by the disinformation disseminated” by former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. “Social media and people are gonna make what they can out of it to fit their narrative,” he was quoted as saying.

Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood have tried to overturn the state’s election results, repeating claims of voting fraud that have not gained traction in court, by calling into question the integrity of Dominion Voting Systems machines and state officials. Dominion has vociferously denied being party to any vote-switching scheme.

President-elect Joe Biden won the state's 16 electoral votes, but Trump refuses to concede the presidential election and requested another recount in Georgia that is wrapping up on Friday.

The Washington Examiner reached out to the Trump campaign for comment about the claims it had a voting machine.

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