GOP flags software used in Michigan skewed thousands of Trump votes


Republicans are concerned about software that was blamed for changing thousands of Republican ballots to votes for Democrats in one Michigan county.

The software had been used in other areas throughout the state.

Laura Cox, chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party, told reporters Friday at a press conference that 6,000 votes were impacted.

“In Antrim County, ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans, causing a 6,000 vote swing against our candidates. The county clerk came forward and said, ‘tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the votes,’ ” Ms. Cox said.

The Republican Party notes that 47 other counties in the state used the same software.

With roughly 98% of the vote tally in, President-elect Joseph R. Biden is ahead of President Trump in the battleground state by 2.6%, or 147,897 votes.

Mr. Trump won Michigan by less than 1% in 2016.

Antrim County, a GOP area was believed to have flipped in support of the former vice president, but after the error was caught, it remained red.

Dominion Voting System was the software being used, according to local reports.

Jocelyn Benson, a spokesperson for the Michigan secretary of state, told 6 News that the 6,000 vote swing was a user error — not the software.

But Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, said Saturday that although some errors may have been caused by a user, it’s important to investigate the other counties to ensure there was not the same discrepancy.

She told Fox News on Saturday there are people who witnessed irregularities in Detroit and they have a whistleblower who worked for the election board in the city who claims they were told to backdate ballots.

“That’s an affidavit. It takes time to get statements and then turn them into affidavits. We’ve actually taken a bundle to the U.S. Attorney General or the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District Court of Michigan. There is serious irregularities here. But give us time to pursue them. What I will say is Republicans across the country feel that there was not transparency and disenfranchised from processes in these major cities,” Ms. McDaniel told Fox News.

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