Hispanic group demands Latino quota in Biden Cabinet


A leading Latino group said Tuesday that Joseph R. Biden, the presumptive president-elect, must name at least five Latinos to his Cabinet in a nod to the diversity of the coalition that powered him in the election.

The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials also called for a 20% quota of Hispanics on the thousands of other political appointments in any administration.

The previous record for a Cabinet was four Latinos, and NALEO said it’s incumbent on Mr. Biden to go higher.

NALEO President Ricardo Lara said Latinos are deeply affected by ongoing debates over racial justice, the coronavirus, climate change and the economic recovery, and deserves to have its voice heard as a community.

“A key way to do that is by appointing Latinos to at least five Cabinet-level positions and at least twenty percent of positions throughout the administration,” he said.

Mr. Biden has been projected to be the winner of the election, and is beginning the work of putting together his team.

Cabinet posts are already a topic of heated debate among Democrats, with liberal activists demanding top posts such as Treasury Department secretary go to one of their own, such as Sen. Bernard Sanders.

Other Democrats argue against that, saying the deeply liberal bent of the party’s left wing dented Democrats’ chances of taking control of the Senate, and caused them to lose House seats.

Latinos say they have a particular beef after having been shut out of top posts in past administrations.

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