Illinois officials encourage families to consider adoption during November


November is Adoption Awareness Month for Illinois as part of a nationwide effort to showcase the benefit of bringing adoptive children and families together.

Despite the major changes 2020 is seeing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to put children together with permanent homes is still as urgent as ever.

“The type of children that come into care in Illinois and are looking to be adopted come from all walks of life and we also need families from all walks of life,” said Jassen Strokosch, chief of staff at the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

Strokosch said it’s important for people to remember that loving, adoptive families take on all forms, situations and origins. With more than 1,900 children seeking adoption, Strokosch said that adoptive families of differing dynamics like younger couples to seniors are not uncommon.

“There are always more children looking for homes and so while we have lots of loving families to step forward we always need more,” he said. “The only thing that we really ask for is that you be willing to open your home to a safe and stable and loving environment for a kid.”

Last year, more than fifteen-hundred children were adopted into permanent homes in the state.

COVID-19 has not reduced the need for outreach, but it has changed the face of the adoption effort as in person court proceedings have been sidetracked for now.

“Normally in November, we [have] gatherings of families that are celebrating the finalization of their adoptions, there’s lots of photos taken with judges, it’s a very celebratory time,” Strokosch said.

Strokosch said the ultimate goal is still the same, new families and new chances for everyone concerned.

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