James Davis, MAGA Patriot Party put Republican Party on notice


The newly formed MAGA Patriot Party stated its aims Thursday as putting pressure on Republicans to govern more from the right — or else.

James Davis, who is listed in the new party’s filing documents as its custodian of records, treasurer, and designated agent, told a Texas TV station that the MAGA Patriots aim to be “a swing party.”

“It kind of puts the Republican Party, sends a message to them, this is what we are going to do and we are going to follow through with it, and may actually see some Republicans that actually change and start getting back to the commitment they made to their voters,” he told KTBC-7, the Fox affiliate in Austin.

Although Mr. Davis resides in Punta Gorda, Florida, the party’s corporate address is listed as an office complex on the far northwest side of San Antonio.

Mr. Davis, a retired Marine, told KTBC that this is partially because a business partner lives in that city and partially because of the group’s political focus.

“Texas is the biggest springboard that we see. There are three states I’m really focused on right now and that’s Texas, Florida and because we have someone to run for Congress in Maine, Maine would be the third state,” he said.

According to the Federal Election Commission documents posted Monday, the MAGA Patriot Party National Committee fundraises only for the “Donald J. Trump for President” political action committee.

But that doesn’t mean the Trump team is supporting it back.

According to KTBC, the Trump campaign filed a “disavowal” notice stating the MAGA Patriot Party is not authorized by the former president, and contributions are not being made to him.

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