John Brennan takes anti-Trump victory lap: ‘I leave his fate to our judicial system’


President Barack Obama’s CIA director crowed on Twitter about President Trump’s apparent electoral defeat and hinted that the former tycoon might be in legal jeopardy.

John O. Brennan, who has been a vehement critic of Mr. Trump in a way even he acknowledges is unusual for a former top spy, also said in Monday evening’s tweetstorm that he will henceforth be silent about the Republican president.

“I now plan to ignore Trump. I leave his fate to our judicial system, his infamy to history, & his legacy to a trash heap,” he said before going to praise presumed President-elect Joseph R. Biden and presumed Vice President-elect Kamala D. Harris.

“The national security team of P-E Biden and VP-E Harris has numerous challenges ahead of it & wise national security policies merit strong bipartisan support,” he wrote just hours after the General Services Administration said it would start cooperating with Mr. Biden’s transition team.

But despite his vow of future silence, Mr. Brennan couldn’t resist taking a last few shots at Mr. Trump, who regularly derided him as a deep-state saboteur of his presidency.

“For four years, I spoke out vigorously against Donald Trump’s craven dishonesty, corrupt pursuit of personal interests, & trampling of our democratic principles. After serving over three decades in national security, I felt compelled to condemn Trump’s depravity & incompetence,” he said.

“My outspokenness has brought criticism, retaliation by the Trump Administration, & threats by those blinded by Trump’s demagoguery. Yes, it is unusual for a former CIA Director to speak out, but when an autocrat descended upon the White House, silence was not an option for me,” Mr. Brennan continued.

The next tweet in the thread was the vow of silence.

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