Larry Hogan, Maryland governor, tells Trump ‘the time has come’ to concede


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said Monday that “the time has come” for President Trump to concede he lost the election, and said while there may be “a dozen or a couple hundred votes” in question, it’s not enough to swing the election from Joseph R. Biden.

“We’re not going to make up for 5 million votes in all of the states. It was a pretty overwhelming victory,” Mr. Hogan said in remarks at the Ronald Reagan Institute.

He was asked to respond to Mr. Trump’s Twitter declarations that, despite trailing in the popular vote and projected to lose the Electoral College by a significant margin, he’d won.

Mr. Hogan said Mr. Trump is losing his legal battles and is “losing credibility” with voters for still fighting, two weeks after Election Day.

“The time has come,” Mr. Hogan said. “More and more people, very close supporters and friends of the president are giving him that advice, he’s just not listening.”

He said the coronavirus pandemic makes a transition to Mr. Biden an imperative, particularly if the country is going to keep the progress made on a vaccine.

“Two hundred thousand people are going to die between now and the inauguration,” he said.

As Republicans begin to ponder the next four years without the White House, and a primary battle for the party’s 2024 presidential nomination, Mr. Hogan offered his critique of Mr. Trump’s time in office and his electoral coalition, which set records for a Republican but still fell short.

Mr. Hogan said the president did tap a sizable cache of voters that felt Washington had left it behind, but faulted Mr. Trump on both “tone” and “effectiveness.”

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