Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani says courts not needed to challenge election; states should decide


Rudolph W. Giuliani bushed off legal blows suffered by other lawyers for President Trump in light of their efforts to challenge the results of his race for reelection in court falling short Friday.

“The simple fact is, we don’t need courts,” Mr. Giuliani stated on Fox News. “The United States Constitution gives sole power to the state legislature to decide presidential elections,” he said.

Lawyers representing Mr. Trump and his reelection team are pursuing lawsuits in a number of states where they allege his loss at the poll to Democratic rival Joseph R. Biden was the result of fraud.

While litigation has failed to produce any credible evidence to corroborate allegations of substantial fraud, Mr. Giuliani has in the meantime pushed unproven claims of corruption outside of court.

Speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity earlier during the interview, Mr. Giuliani explained his recent strategy of having elected Republicans in state office hold meetings to hear about his claims.

“The reason I went to the state legislatures, Sean, is because I saw what the courts were doing, and I wanted to go around them so the facts could get out,” said Mr. Giuliani.

“A Georgia court wouldn’t have allowed us to put those witnesses on. The legislature did it. In Michigan, the same thing. We had two Democrat judges and they weren’t allowing us to put witnesses on,” Mr. Giuliani added. “But I was able to get some of the witnesses you use there because I went to the legislature.”

Mr. Giuliani, a former federal prosecutor and New York City mayor, argued that nation’s framers would prefer to see the presidential race finally determined by the legislatures of the country’s states.

“In fact, if we go back to the Founding Fathers, they would tell us we’re making a mistake. This should be thrown right to the House of Representatives and the Senate in each state, and they should hold hearings, they should make factual determinations and they should decide what the right voter count is,” declared Mr. Giuliani.

Polling done in the months before Election Day projected Mr. Biden would beat Mr. Trump, but the president dismissed those predictions, then later the results of the race, and has not yet conceded.

Mr. Biden received around 51.4% of popular votes cast in the presidential election, while Mr. Trump received around 46.9%, according to the Associated Press. Mr. Biden also won the Electoral Vote.

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