Trump voter loyalty: 73% say he won the election, 66% say ‘never concede’


A new CNBC poll of voters who backed President Trump in the 2020 election reveals their unwavering support despite media coverage which has already declared that presumed President-elect Joe Biden is the sure winner.

“A mere 3% of Trump voters believe he should concede to Biden and start the peaceful transfer of power. Another 31% want the president to fight in court until states certify results. Two-thirds, or 66%, think Trump should never concede,” said the poll analysis.

“The vast majority of Trump voters — 81% — said they would not give Biden a chance as president. Only 19% said they would.”

The analysis suggested that such sentiment would not have an effect on the final outcome of the election.

The Trump voters, however, appear to back Mr. Trump for the long haul.

“Loyalty to Trump runs deep among the respondents. Asked with whom they would identify if the president left the GOP, 72% responded Trump’s party, while 28% answered the Republican Party,” the analysis said.

The poll of 1,203 U.S. adults who voted for Mr. Trump was conducted Nov. 18-21, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percentage points.

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